Rainier 2017-18 Community Newsletter #21

Rainier 2017-18 Community Newsletter #21

Dear Rainier Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Student Council for all of the hard work they have done to help our community this year. Over the years, we’ve heard from students that they want more social events on campus and more opportunities to have fun together. This year, we’ve seen the student council step-up to provide so many of these opportunities. We’ve had two spirit weeks, complete with fun themes, posters and announcements to remind everyone of the theme, lunchtime activities, and two dances. The student council has also run each of our monthly all school meetings by making sure everything is set up, creating skits connected to our core characteristics, and choosing faculty awards for each of our monthly themes. We’re excited to see how the student council continues to help our school grow and make our culture stronger.

We would also like to make a special thanks to Mr. Ebrahim who has facilitated the student council and helped them set priorities and stay on track for getting everything done. Thanks Mr. E!


-Jesse Roe, Executive Director
-Edwin Avarca, Assistant Director


Queridas familias de Rainier,

Queremos tomar esta oportunidad para agradecer al gobierno estudiantil por mejorar nuestro año escolar. En los últimos años, hemos oído a nuestros estudiantes decir que queren mas eventos y mas oportunidades para divertirse. Esta año hemos tenido dos semanas de espíritu escolar, que ha incluido dias divertidos, carteles, y anuncios para recordar a nuestros estudiantes sobra dias de espíritu escolar y los dos bailes que hemos tenido. Y nuestro gobierno estudiantil también se ha encargado de nuestras presentaciones mensuales – han preparado el teatro, han hecho presentaciones de nuestros valores escolares, y han escogido a un maestro cada mes para que reciba el premio de facultad. Sabemos que ellos seguiran planeando eventos que haran a nuestra comunidad mejor.

Tambien queremos agradecer al Sr. Ebrahim quien ha guiado al gobierno estudiantil. Gracias Sr. Ebrahim!


-Jesse Roe, Director ejecutivo
-Edwin Avarca, Sub director