Sports and Clubs

All sports and clubs at Rainier are developed based on student interest.  None of our teams would exist if there wasn't a group of students excited about the same thing and ready to put in the work to build up interest.  Over our first three years, students have developed a wide variety of sports teams and clubs with the help of parents, community members, and teachers.  You can find a list of all of our planned sports below and a list of some of our most popular clubs.  These lists are not complete since we know that some of our amazing students will be creating new teams and clubs in the 2016-2017 school year!

Rainier Sports

Fall Season

  • Co-ed Cross Country

  • Girls Volleyball

Winter Season

  • Girls Basketball

  • Boys Basketball

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Soccer

Spring Season

  • Girls Softball

  • Boys Baseball

  • Boys Volleyball

List of Rainier Clubs:
Club CategoryName of ClubDescription
Science & Tech
Tech Challenge ClubThis club will build team work skills while also learning engineering principles.
Programming ClubThis club will teach students how to program and write code. Ultimately, we want to work on a project that will help the school
Student Affairs
Student CouncilThe purpose of Student Council is to be a voice for the student community and plan fun events such as spirit weeks, dances, and fundraisers.
Speech and Debate ClubIn this club, students will learn how to debate and then compete in debate tournmanets held in various schools. They will learn to also write speeches and compete in speech contests as well.
Psychology ClubThis club is meant to help students understand the human mind and be aware of how different people think.
Creative & Performing Arts
MemeologyThis club will entertain students and reduce stress throughout the year. Students will work to understand and make memes.
Art ClubMembers will improve on and learn about many types of art.
VIBE Members will share their love of music through jam sessions and practice for performances.
Rainier's MusiciansThis club will bring together the musicians from the Rainier community and show off their talent.
Service, Activism, Awareness, & Social Justice
GSAThis club seeks to educate the community about the LGBTQ community and create a safe, welcoming space for everyone.
Multicultural ClubThis club celebrates diversity in our community and strengthens the bonds among students.
Pan American VoicesThis club will help bring our community closer by engaging our cultures and beliefs.
Interact ClubThis club serves the community and international causes through volunteering, fundraising, and working together.
Korean Fan Club (KFC)The purpose of this club is to spread Korean culture, bond with other people, find common interests, and give others a chance to learn something new.
Black and Brown Student Union
Anime ClubTo share our interests with other students and watch/discuss anime with each other. It will help students relax after a long day.
Indoor Soccer Have a co-ed soccer team that plays indoors to build both skills and community
Gamers ClubWe play all sorts of games at lunch.
Roller Hockey ClubThis club will practice hockey and bring students together on a team for the common goals of self-improvement and a fun experience.
Lechuga ClubTo come together and do random things