Our School

Summit Public Schools - Rainier

As a Summit Public School, we prepare a diverse student population for success in college, career, and life.

Diverse Backgrounds

Summit Public Schools Rainier is working hard to get a diverse population of students who reflect the entirety of the East Side Union High School District. It is part of the mission of a Summit Public School to teach diverse populations. Summit students are diverse.  They come from over 40 middle schools and have extremely varied backgrounds and life experiences.  At Rainier, every one of them is held to the same high standard – success in college level curriculum and acceptance into four year colleges.  Because of this unique combination of varied backgrounds and parallel expectations, Summit Rainier is a rare example of a truly integrated high school experience. Students who come from impoverished backgrounds learn and grow alongside students who come from wealth, and everyone’s goal is focused on attending college. 

Focused on Learning

Other high schools that provide a similar experience are hard to find and are scattered throughout the United States.  At Summit Rainier, students not only will get an outstanding academic experience, but they will also receive invaluable experience in interacting with a diverse body of students in both academic and social settings. Culturally, Summit Rainier's environment mirrors real-world diversity, and this authentic reflection prepares our students to smoothly integrate with the diversity that awaits them in college and in their professional adult lives.