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Announcing the 2014-2015 Rainier Faculty!

posted Aug 10, 2014, 9:23 PM by Jesse Roe
We are pleased to announce that we have put the finishing touches on an amazing group of adult Bulldogs to help your students grow throughout the 2014-15 school year and beyond!

As announced in May, the directors of Rainier are Jesse Roe and Kevin Bock.  Both have been members of Summit Public Schools for the last three years and are excited to help direct Rainier and see its first graduating class this year.  Jesse and Kevin will be joined  by Lupe Trujillo, our new office manager.  Lupe has been with us since her daughter, Daisy, started in Rainier's first class and has volunteered countless hours since then.

The 9th grade team is made up of two returning teachers and two teachers new to Rainier.  Ms. Goddard and Ms. Rieder are continuing to work with the youngest bulldogs as history and math teachers, respectively.  They will be joined by Mr. Brodsky who teaches English, grew up on the east side of SJ, and has a younger sibling at Tahoma!  The final member of the 9th grade team is Mr. Griffin who joins us after teaching four years of science in Delaware before moving to the bay area this summer.

Mr. Zisman is happy to be joined by three new Rainier faculty members on the 10th grade team.  Ms. Berning will be teaching Physics and is joining us after teaching under-served students in the Portland, OR area.   Ms. Tran will be teaching history and is well prepared after being trained at Stanford's elite STEP program.  The last member of the team is Ms. Curry who joins us after teaching English in international schools and in the United Kingdom.

Our 11th grade team has three returning teachers.  Mr. Lee will be teaching Pre-calculus again and Mr. Avarca and Ms. Beaven will be teaching the humanities courses.  They are joined by Mr. Lin who will be teaching chemistry and recently finished the masters program at UC Berkeley after his first career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Rainier's first graduating class will be taught by two returning Tahoma teachers and two new teachers to the organization.  Ms. Richey and Ms. Santana taught at Tahoma last year and are excited to teach seniors from both schools.  Ms. Richey will be teaching AP Literature and Ms. Santana will be teaching AP Statistics and Calculus.  AP Government will be taught by Mr. Quezada who also went through the STEP program.  Mr. Quezada has already schooled a few seniors on the basketball court and is looking forward to doing the same in the classroom.  The last member of the 12th grade team is Ms. Shemyakina who will be teaching AP Environmental Science.  Ms. Shemyakina is a Knowles Fellow and knows many Summit teachers through that program.

The last three members of our Rainier faculty will be supporting students at all grade levels.  Sr. Carrillo is returning for a fourth year with the Summit San Jose community.  He will be teaching Spanish 2 and AP Spanish Language.  He will be joined by Sr. Barragan who is a former Summit Prep student that loved his experience with Summit so much that he decided to become a teacher and rejoin the Summit community.  Sr. Barragan will be teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 3.  Ms. Horn is our new Resource Specialist.  She joins us after teaching many years at a high performing charter school in Washington DC.

If you would like to contact any of the teachers above to welcome them to the team or ask them any questions about their courses, their contact info can be found here.