School Day

A student's day is broken up into the following categories:

Project Time - The majority of student time is spent developing cognitive skills through engaging, authentic projects.  During this time, teachers lead students through the development of skills and projects through the use to strong instructional practices.  Some of the time is spent in groups learning together and some of the time is spent practicing skills and getting feedback.

Personalized Learning Time - Students spend some of their time learning content knowledge at their own pace.  During this time, students are coached by teachers to help learn how to set goals, plan their time, take good notes, and choose the best resources to learn from.  

Summit Reads - All students need to develop into better readers.  During the Summit reads period, students will read material at their level and be coached on how to learn more from what they read.

Summit Solves - Like Summit Reads, Summit Solves is a time for all students to develop.  This time focuses on practicing math and becoming for fluent with numbers.  Students are placed into different tiers of intervention based on their performance in math class and on math exams.

10 Minute Time - Four days a week, students meet with their mentor group to reflect on the day and set goals for the future.  Mentor groups also use this time to bond and learn more about each other.

Office Hours - Every morning, students have the opportunity to come in and get personalized support from their teachers.  When students are struggling in any class, they should be in office hours every day until they catch up.

Community Time - Once a week, mentor groups have a longer period of time together called community time.  This period is meant to help students learn more about college, develop their Habits of Success, and get to know each other better as a group.