Summit Rainier is a tuition-free public high school in San Jose, California that provides a college-prep, personalized learning environment for 400 ambitious, diverse students.

Summit Rainier opened in the fall of 2011 and serves the diverse communities of San Jose, with a particular focus on families in the East Side. After two years on the National Hispanic University campus, we moved to our Marten Avenue home in the fall of 2013.

We are most proud of our 100% 4-year college acceptance rate. For the past years, Summit Rainier graduates who walked across the stage at graduation had a door to college wide open to them at the end of that walk. It has been amazing to watch the transformation of so many students from incoming high school freshmen to becoming college-ready adults.

We are also proud of the strong community we’ve built over six years as a school. The core of this work is through our mentor groups where students form strong bonds with twenty other students over their four years together. Mentor brothers and sisters support each other academically, socially and emotionally and life-long friendships are born. This is all made possible by the hard work of our teachers who serve as the mentor for these students. They meet individually with students weekly to check in on academic progress, set goals, and create plans to overcome obstacles. They communicate with parents frequently to coordinate support for their mentees. And, they create an empowering, safe space for the mentor group to come together as a unit to listen and learn from each other.